Keep Kids And Toddlers Busy This Summer With Some Fun Crafting Projects

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If you are trying to entertain young children this summer, try a relaxing and calming craft project. There are some very simple and clever crafting ideas that can be adapted to any age group, and that will give children a sense of accomplishment and pride. Try these ideas with your toddlers or young kids to keep them occupied this summer:

Duct-tape pencil case. Get little kids excited about going to daycare or school by helping them make their own duct-tape pouch. All that you need is plastic bags with zipper-closures, printed duct-tape, and a pair of scissors (for the supervising adult):

  • Lay the bag out on a flat surface, like a picnic table.
  • Tear strips of tape that can be laid flat, horizontally, to cover the bag. Fold the edges down on the underside.
  • Cover the underside with tape in the same manner. Have an adult trim the edges if need be.

Log-slice ornaments. These log-slice ornaments are so simple and basically free to make if you have any old logs lying around the yard. You can also order log-slices from crafting sites which may already have a hole punched in the top for hanging:

  • Simply use water-based paints, markers, or crayons to decorate and personalize the slice.
  • Tie a string or ribbon in the hole at the top for hanging.
  • That's it!

Rainy-day arrangement. Help kids make these fun rubber-rain boot floral arrangements to take home to mom, grandma, or anyone that they love. These are a great way to recycle a pair of old rain boots, too; you might find some boots at local thrift stores if you don't happen to have any. To make:

  • Have an adult poke a hole in the bottom of each boot for drainage.
  • Add a handful of rocks, gravel, or other aggregates to the inside of the boot. Fill within a few inches of the top with potting-soil.
  • Add a plant, seedling, or seeds to the soil, and cover.
  • Water, and you are done!

Cup-of-cocoa centerpiece. These cup-of-cocoa centerpieces are the perfect holiday gift for kids to give to someone they care about. They utilize items found in most homes, or at your local dollar-store or crafting venue:

  • Paint the inside of a clear coffee mug with brown paint. (Kids love doing this!)
  • Fill the cup with white cotton balls to resemble marshmallows.
  • Embellish the cup with plastic candy-canes, spoons, or other trinkets.

Try these ideas when you have young kids that need something to do; each is simple and can be adapted or modified to amuse older children, too. Visit crafting stores to pick up basic items that can be used for these- and other- clever ideas. Instill a sense of accomplishment in children with the completion of their very-own project!

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