Are You Wanting A Safe Place For Your Child To Stay While You're At Work?

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When you had your baby, maybe you made the decision to be a stay-at-home mom for a certain amount of time. Whether that time was three years, six years, or any other length of time, perhaps that time has passed and you'll soon be going back into the workforce. However, obviously one component of your life has changed in a pretty tremendous way. What will you do with your little child? 

Basically, you have two questions to ask yourself. The first question is, Do I want my child to be at home while I'm gone? The second question is, Could a preschool center be the best solution for my little one? With those questions in mind, here are some ideas that might help you.

Choose To Stay At Home - If you would feel more comfortable having your child stay at home while you're at work, then, obviously, the next question in mind involves the decision of who will best take care of one of your most precious possessions. Are you blessed enough to have a family member, maybe a grandparent, who will be thrilled to watch a beloved grandchild? If that grandparent won't accept payment, you can certainly think of clever ways to thank him or her, can't you? 

Maybe you have a trusted friend who doesn't work and whose children are already in school. Has that friend indicated that he or she would love to make some extra money? In that case, that person might be the answer to your current dilemma. Decide ahead of time how much you can pay your friend for the service he or she will be giving you.

Chose A Preschool Center - Are you uncomfortable having somebody stay in your home while you're away from it? After all, that would mean that it would have to look relatively nice all time, and you may not have time for that before you go to work. Plus, you might realize that it's time for your child to be in a preschool center where he or she can play with other children.

Visit several preschools in your area to see which one appeals to you the most. Talk with the director and find out which safety measures are in place. Who will be taking care of your child? What will be done if your child is nervous at the beginning of being at the preschool?

Besides playing with other children, attending a year round preschool will mean that he or she will be cared for by somebody who has the training and the experience to care for children. The frosting on the cake will be that your child will be learning things that will prepare him or her to attend real school when that time comes.