Choosing An Adoption Agency

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Adopting may be an option if you don't have a child or plan to add one to your family. Adoption is the legal process of becoming a parent or guardian to a child born of another parent. While you may take charge of the adoption process independently, this may be overwhelming. Hence, you may need an adoption agency. But how can you identify the perfect adoption agencies? Here is a helpful guide. 

Type of Adoption Services

The different types of adoption processes include:

  • Foster-care adoption. A child's biological parents may lose parental rights for various reasons, including drug abuse, defilement, and violence. The state takes up these children under the foster care system. Hence, foster care adoption entails gaining the legal right as a parent of a child legally approved for adoption by the foster care system.

  • Infant adoption. This entails adopting a newborn child, usually by contacting a pregnant or new mom.

  • Step-parent adoption. This process entails getting legal parental rights for your stepchild, after which their biological parents lose legal parental rights.

  • Closed adoption. During this adoption, there's no contact between the birth and adoptive parents. Hence, you won't disclose personal information to the adopted child's family.

  • Relative adoption. This involves legalizing a parent-child relationship between relatives.

You can pursue these adoption processes either locally or internationally. Hence, inquire from your potential adoption agency whether they offer your preferred adoption service., and choose accordingly.


If you work with an adoption agency without legal approvals, this may land you in trouble. Illegal adoptions may result in criminal charges, including kidnapping and child trafficking. This may result in heavy fines or even jail time. Hence, perform due diligence before committing to an agency. 

For instance, visit the agency's website and view their legal permits and approvals. Likewise, read their reviews to understand what past clients think about the company's adoption services. Positive reviews can give you the confidence to work with a particular adoption agency.

Service Costs

During adoption planning, you need to determine the amount you're willing to spend on the adoption. Then, ask potential agencies for quotations and compare them against your budget. However, as you study the quotations, be keen to understand all the quotation items. 

For instance, some adoption agencies may include legal fees in their quotes, while others may not. Hence, find out how much money you'll need to spend from your pocket while working with a specific agency. This will help you determine whether the adoption service you get is in line with your budget to avoid overspending.

When looking for an adoption agency, determine their services, legality, and costs. Follow this guide to select the right adoption agent.

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